DEAL: Pixel 7a Down to New Low of $349

Pixel 7a is a good phone, one that supports the flashing of the latest Android 15 Beta 1 build. If you’re looking for a phone capable of that or may need a less expensive second phone, you can have the Pixel 7a for just $349.

$150 off its usual price, $349 for the Pixel 7a is a great deal. The only issue is, you’ll need to hurry, as this is sure to be a limited time offer. It’s likely Google is looking to make shelf space ahead of the Pixel 8a’s launch, but regardless of the reason for the price drop, the Pixel 7a is an extremely capable device at this price.

The software is pure Google Pixel (and yes, Android Beta compatible), the camera is fantastic, and the hardware feels good. Again, you should check out our full review on the device.

Have at it.

Buy Link: Best Buy | Amazon | Google Store


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