BOE and Xming jointly introduce V1, V1 Ultra 4K smart projectors

Xming Projectors has launched two new projectors: the Xming V1 Smart Projector, the world's brightest single-panel LCD projector, and the Xming V1 Ultra 4K Smart projector, the first of its kind in single-panel 4K. The company has consistently led LCD projector sales for three years since 2021 and played a key role in standardizing higher brightness and resolution in the Chinese projector industry.

Beyond 1080P: Breaking Traditional Resolution Barriers

In collaboration with the semiconductor display giant BOE, Xming introduced advanced LCD display technology that transformed the current industry norms. The Xming V1 Ultra boasts BOE's custom 4K optical engine with a 5-inch 4K LCD projection screen, achieving true 4K resolution, signifying the rise of the 4K era in LCD projectors.

xming projectors event

On the other hand, the Xming V1 Smart Projector's luminosity reaches an impressive 800 CVIA lumens, attributed to BOE's Radiant S60 optical engine. Audio-wise, the V series stands out with its 6W high-power speakers and tuning by Boston Acoustics.

The Xming Q3 Pro, part of the budget-friendly Q Pro series, was also introduced. This model features the PhotonX fully enclosed optical engine, better resolution, and addresses corner blurriness common in LCD projectors. The brightness shoots up by 51% to 500 CVIA lumens. A collaboration with Boston Acoustics ensures cinema-like audio and the projector is fitted with advanced features like smart focus and adaptive wall color.

Xiaomi Q3 Pro Smart Projector

The international market-focused Xming Page One was also unveiled, being the first LCD projector to come with embedded TV and Netflix.

With these launches, Xming Projectors has firmly positioned itself as an industry leader. The company aims to sustain its momentum by focusing on technological innovations to provide high-quality, cost-effective products to consumers.




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