Apple Watch X renders tease magnetic bands, slimmer design & more

Tech giant Apple is rumored to be prepping a major overhaul for its smartwatch lineup this year, with the upcoming Apple Watch expected to sport a completely new design, advanced health tracking features, and a revamped band attachment system.

Mark Gurman suggests the company might ditch the traditional naming scheme and call the new device “Apple Watch X” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original Apple Watch launched in 2014.

YouTuber Sam Kohl, known for his Apple product reviews under the channel AppleTrack, teamed up with graphic designer @ConceptCentral. Together, they’ve created renders depicting what the Apple Watch X might look like based on rumors and leaks.

The renders suggest a slimmer design for the Watch X, potentially 10-15% thinner than current models. The Digital Crown is expected to remain, with the possibility of an additional Action Button similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

The biggest design shakeup might be the new magnetic band system. This would mean saying goodbye to compatibility with older bands, but it offers benefits beyond just looks. The current band system takes up precious space inside the watch. Magnetic bands eliminate this bulk, potentially freeing up space for a thinner design and even more features packed inside.

While microLED displays were previously rumored, OLED technology seems more likely due to cost considerations. However, the new OLED panel is expected to be brighter and more power-efficient. This could translate to longer battery life, a longstanding user concern.

Health features have always been a core aspect of the Apple Watch. The Watch X might be the first to offer blood pressure monitoring, although blood oxygen monitoring remains uncertain due to ongoing patent disputes. The watch might also feature sleep apnea monitoring.

It’s crucial to remember that this information is based on leaks and rumors. While some predictions may materialize, a healthy dose of skepticism is advised. Stay tuned for further updates.




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