Android 15 Beta 1 Issues Include Busted NFC, Other Various Bugs

We have a fresh Android build on our hands, that being Android 15 Beta 1. Released just yesterday afternoon, folks are already compiling lists of what’s borked. Thankfully, the lists aren’t too long, though, if anyone was on the fence about flashing this beta to their daily driver, they may want to see if these bugs would affect them and how they use their device.

As an example of this, NFC appears to be the biggest issue with Beta 1. It simply isn’t working for users. This is relatively common with Android betas, and while unfortunate, is usually par for the beta course.

In addition to busted NFC, various bugs are being discovered, such as an annoying com.qorvo.uwb.vendorservice.uwbapp has stopped notification for select users. I haven’t had this issue on the Pixel 8 Pro, but owners of the Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro have reported it. Other issues include an extended period of time when checking for app updates on Google Play, the haptic feedback being overly strong when typing (even after adjusting in the settings menu), plus an issue with the fingerprint scanner should you lock your phone any way other than pressing the power button or waiting for the display to time out.

If you’re running Android 15 Beta 1 and come across a bug, the best thing you can do is report it. You can report bugs on desktop or via your mobile device.

Anyone coming across issues not described above? Let’s hear it!


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